We know that you have questions about our products, service, guarantees, etc. and we would be delighted to speak to you. Bringing you the best in customer service and product quality, with a personalized touch is the Marvin way! However there are some questions that people frequently ask, so scroll down and perhaps you’ll find what you need to know right here. If you don’t see your question below, feel free to contact us.

What are the steps to buying a window or door from Marvin?

The first step is to contact your local Marvin branch or Dealer Partner location. Next, set up a meeting with a representative to tell them what you are looking for and what your requirements are. The representative will need to go to your home to measure the window/door openings, or will need to be provided with a detailed architectural plan. The representative will consult with you to determine the style, colour, size and options you would like on your windows and doors. A quote will be submitted to you outlining each item you have chosen with the options you have selected, as well as the approximate delivery date.

Once you have signed off on the quote, your order will be placed. You will be notified when your order has come in and contacted to set up a convenient time for your order to be delivered. You should discuss the installation procedure with your contractor. The sales representative will follow up with you when the installation is complete.

Can I get a quote online or over the phone?

We cannot provide quotes online or over the phone because all quotes require a detailed consultation to ensure your specific requirements are met. All windows and door openings must be measured and options selected as this will affect total cost.

Do you charge a fee for a consultation?

All consultations are complementary.

Is installation included in the window/door price?

Installation cost is not included in the product price. You may choose your own contractor or installer, or your Marvin representative can suggest an approved Team Marvin installer to you.

Can installation be done in the winter?

Yes it can, excluding extreme conditions.

Are your windows/doors good for cold climates?

All products have been developed for use in climates that experience weather extremes, such as we do in Canada, and in northern states including Alaska. Marvin Windows and Doors of Canada has provided products from coast to coast, for over 30 years. Your local Marvin representative can help you select the appropriate product for your climate and design needs.

How long is the delivery time once an order is placed?

Generally, your products will arrive 4-6 weeks after the order is placed.

What is the warranty?

We offer a 10 year warranty on the entire product, with a 20 year glass warranty against seal failure.

How do I care for my windows/doors?

Care varies depending on the type of window or door you own. For information, please refer to the Owners Manual located on the Literature Page.

Why is Fiberglass superior to Vinyl and Aluminum?

Ultrex pultruded fiberglass is stronger, more stable, more durable and is virtually indestructible. Unlike vinyl it offers virtually no thermal expansion or contraction, and unlike aluminum is non-conductive. The Ultrex fiberglass finish is not painted, but is rather a robust acrylic cap that encases the fiberglass substrate, protecting it from an onslaught of environmental and daily life hazards that it will encounter throughout its lifetime.

Are your windows/doors Energy Star qualified?

Marvin Canada has the greatest number of Energy Star qualified products of any window and door company in the industry. Energy efficiency of a product is based on a variety of factors including climate, product location in the home, and correct installation. For more information please go to the Energy Efficiency page.

How can Marvin contribute to LEED certification?

LEED certification is based on awarding points to a building project based on the impact to the environment and human health. By using Marvin windows and doors, you can increase the energy efficiency of your project, which will contribute to LEED points. Please consult with your local Marvin representative to discuss how we can help you achieve LEED certification.

How long have you been in business?

Marvin Windows and Doors of Canada has been in business since 1986, and is the Canadian branch of Marvin Windows and Doors, which was established in 1912. For more information, please go to the Heritage page.

Do you offer triple pane windows?

We offer the widest selection of tri-pane, of any company, for both windows and doors to suit your needs

What colours do you offer?

The colour selection varies by product line. For additional detail please go to the Products Page.

Marvin: 19 clad colours
Integrity: Wood-Ultrex 6 colour, All-Ultrex 6 colours
Infinity: 6 colours

What is Ultrex?

Ultrex is a pultruded fiberglass pioneered by Marvin. It is stronger than vinyl, without the expansion and contraction that vinyl experiences to changes in temperature. It is more stable than aluminum, without the heat/cold conductivity of aluminum. Unlike other materials, it never needs to be painted due to the patented finishing process which integrates the acrylic finish directly to the product. Ultrex also has less impact on the environment, since it is made from sand, the most abundant material on earth.

The Ultrex coating system meets all of the requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). The AAMA conducts a series of stringent tests to the surface in order to determine how resistant it is to a variety of environmental factors. The Ulrex acrylic finish passes them all including: outdoor colour retention and chalk resistance, impact, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and humidity resistance.

Who do I contact if I have a service question?

Please contact your sales representative or local Marvin location.