Replacing windows and doors can seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re unsure if you need to replace or wondering what to do next, we’re here to help you understand each step and make your window and door replacement project a success. You’ll achieve beautiful curb appeal as well as inside spaces that inspire healthy, happy living.

1. Evaluate

Is it really time for a window or door replacement? Some signs, such as condensation or cosmetic damage, might not need replacement at all and are actually perfectly normal. Others, like water stains and wood rot, need immediate replacement. Knowing the signs that require prompt attention versus those that can be easily fixed can help you evaluate whether and how soon a replacement project is needed.

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2. Select

We can help you navigate the process of selecting your window and door replacements. We’ll start with a high-level look at basic choices like types of windows and doors (for example, single and double hung windows, picture windows, casement or bay windows, and frames) and materials (wood, clad aluminum or Ultrex fiberglass). Then we’ll guide you through design options, including wood stains, colors, hardware finishes, shades, and screens.

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Our Replacement Workbook details Marvin replacement windows and doors and options. Use the Workbook paired with our Replacement Guide to make the best choices for your window and door replacement project. Download your copies below.

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3. Order

You don’t have to go through the replacement process alone. Marvin has a variety of window and door replacement specialists available to create your perfect replacement process. Each of them is here to provide guidance, answer questions, prepare your quote, measure for your new windows and doors, and place your order. We’ll also help you get the installation process underway.

Local independent Marvin retailers
You can view replacement windows and doors in person at a nearby Marvin retailer. Depending on the location, they will handle all aspects of the replacement process, or work with local contractors for measuring, ordering, and installation. Either way, our experts are always happy to help you and partner with your contractor or recommend a contractor if you don’t already have one.

4. Install

Depending on the size of your window and door replacement project, there could be a lot to do before and on installation day. Ensuring that all decorative treatments are removed, turning off alarms, and confirming the date and time of the installation are just a few ways you can avoid extra hassle and ensure your replacement runs as smoothly as possible.

5. Enjoy

With your installation complete, it’s time to step back and enjoy the benefits of your replacement project. Replacing windows and doors can lead to new possibilities—the new look you’ve been waiting for, more natural light in your favorite room, the freedom to usher more fresh air into your home, or greater energy efficiency from quality products with high energy star ratings. And our trusted warranty helps ensure you can enjoy your new replacement windows and doors for years to come. Talk to your Marvin retailer and the contractor about installation day in advance so you are prepared for a seamless process.


What’s The Difference Between Replacement Windows and Doors and New Construction?

Replacement windows and doors are designed to fit in the existing openings where your old windows and doors rest. Therefore, the replacement process can be quite simple, and the results dramatic. New construction windows and doors provide the most flexibility when it comes to size and design because you’re starting with a clean slate.

What Is The Best Replacement Window or Door For My Home?

Ask yourself a few questions first: do you live on a busy street and want to minimize noise? Is there a lot of humidity in your area? Are energy efficiencies a top factor? Are you happy with the present design of your windows and doors? Or do you want a different look? Once you’ve determined your needs based on locale and lifestyle, the Marvin Canada team can help you choose the best replacement windows and doors — from styles to frames to materials — that best fit those needs. That’s how we help you determine the best.


How Do I Prepare For Window and Door Replacements?

Prior to installation, we recommend that you remove all decorative treatments, such as drapes or blinds. Take away all knickknacks or wall hangings that could get in the way when products are brought in and out of your home. If you have a central alarm system, contact your alarm installer in advance of the replacement project in case they have special instructions for wire connections in your new windows and doors. Remember to turn off alarms on the day of installation. If you have pets, make plans to keep them away from the work area during installation. These steps can ensure that your window and door replacements run as smoothly as possible.

How Long Do Window and Door Replacements Last?

Depending on weather conditions in your area, as well as materials, installation, and regular maintenance, new windows and doors can last a few decades. For greater peace of mind, Marvin offers a 10-year warranty on the entire product, with a 20-year glass warranty against seal failure. We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality windows, doors, and customizable options. One way we show that commitment is through our warranty. The limited warranty extends to the owner of the structure in which the products were originally installed and is fully transferable, which can help add re-sale value to your home.



As you consider your replacement project and discuss it with your local Marvin retailer, it may be helpful to be familiar with the following terms.

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the frame and swing outward with a crank or push out operation. They’re ideal for bringing in the breeze even in wet weather.

Bay and bow windows extend outside a wall to open up a room, providing three-dimensional views and light while simultaneously providing a cozy interior nook. A bay window is comprised of three or more windows that form corner angles, and bow windows feature curves instead of corners and with four or more connected windows.

Casement windows feature sashes that are hinged on one side and swing inward or outward with a crank or push out operation. Casement windows are available in large sizes for ample daylight, fresh air, and clean sightlines.

Corner windows make the most of panoramic views, creating a design focal point from both interior and exterior perspectives. This striking feature window maximizes views and captures light from multiple directions with a clean aesthetic and minimal visual disruption.

Double hung windows feature two movable sashes that operate vertically and open independently for easy use and fresh air at multiple levels.

Picture windows are large fixed windows that offer expansive views and light, and pair well with operable windows for a complete solution.

Single hung windows are a clean, classic style with a fixed top sash, and are ideal for areas where a top sash would be hard to open. Single hung windows are durable, versatile, and easy to use.

Sliding windows open horizontally with a clean, space-saving design. Also referred to as glider windows, these have one or more operating sashes combined with stationary sashes for an easy-to-use, versatile window.

Specialty Shape windows utilize advanced engineering and the highest quality construction to create open, light-filled spaces that blur the line between indoors and out. Achieve your vision with polygons, trapezoids and triangles – or work with us to create a window that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tilt turn windows offer European styling with two distinct functions: swing in like a door or tilt the top of the sash for ventilation. Hopper windows, with a dual swing and tilt or bottom-hinged tilt-in operation, are a great complement to tilt turn windows to increase ventilation throughout a space.

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