Marvin of Canada is pleased to announce the winning teams of the 2019 Architecture Student Design Challenge: Hamid Agashahi & Ronak Gandhi (Carlton); Jeff Hill & Yara Salama (University of Toronto) and Andrea Ruether & Steve Belt (Calgary).

The theme for this year’s challenge — “Affordable Living Spaces” — was centered around accessible housing. So, participating student architects designed low-income housing units that are not only sustainable, but also able to improve the lives of both the intended residents and their surrounding communities.

All styles of architecture were welcome in the competition. In fact, students were encouraged to think outside the box while demonstrating their unique perspectives on usability, adaptability and community. The only requirement was that their designs be between 3000 and 7000 square feet and include products from the Marvin family.

Keep reading to see photos of the winning designs and learn more about the competition.

1. Hamid Agashahi & Ronak Gandhi (Carlton)

1st-Prize-Image-1 1st-Prize-Image-2 1st-Prize-Image-3 1st-Prize-Image-4

2. Jeff Hill & Yara Salama (University of Toronto)

2nd-Prize-Image-1 2nd-Prize-Image-2 2nd-Prize-Image-3 2nd-Prize-Image-4

3. Andrea Ruether & Steve Belt (Calgary)

3rd-Prize-Image-1 3rd-Prize-Image-2 3rd-Prize-Image-3 3rd-Prize-Image-4