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Years of experience. A knowledgeable team. Expertise specific to our region. When it comes to windows and doors, you want to obtain information from a trusted source, offering best-in-class solutions, and able to meet the needs of discerning customers like yourself. Look no further. We’re dedicated to helping educate and inspire every customer we partner with. Marvin Windows of Canada will help you find windows and doors that perfectly fit your home and blend beautifully with the local architecture.

Our experienced and customer-focused team has a true understanding of local requirements and will be happy to show you how Marvin windows and doors can expand your living space, improve your energy efficiency, and protect you from the harshest elements. Whatever the size or scope of your renovation project, we’re with you from start to finish—instilling confidence, offering inspiration and guiding you through the entire process. We invite you to learn more.


What options do you have? What materials do you use? How about energy efficiency? And, how can I get a good look at those windows and doors? Come visit one of our showrooms and we’ll answer all your questions. As soon as you step inside, you’ll experience a dynamic, innovative environment where your ideas will come to life. With functioning displays in home-like settings, it’s easier to visualize and get a feel for how a window or door operates.

This is the fun part, but it could be overwhelming. We’ll help you explore all the customization options available. Our highly-trained window and door specialists will offer practical advice, present you with unique options, and energy efficient solutions to fit your project, budget and design needs.
So bring us your inspiration photos, sketches and magazine pages—we have 20 different locations nationwide to serve you. Call us to set up an appointment anytime at your convenience
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Exact specifications. Precise measurements. Unparalleled value. Whether you’re working with an architect, builder or designer—or if it’s replacement windows you need, the experienced window and door specialists at Marvin Windows of Canada are here to help. On-site, and on-time, assessing and specifying the Marvin products that best suit your requirements and budget. It’s what we do. We take precise measurements, discuss options and place your order with Marvin manufacturing. We pride ourselves on providing an on-site assessment service that makes it easy for you to know that the proper measurements and specifications have been determined for your project.

From unrivaled energy efficiency and craftsmanship to our ability to customize just about any window or door, every home deserves windows and doors as unique as the people who live there. Marvin windows and doors are built to meet or exceed codes, standards and homeowner expectations. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Your vision. Your style. Your home. Go ahead and explore your creative side.

At Marvin it’s never off-the-shelf. Different dimensions, unique shapes, special requirements…every window is custom made to your exact specifications. No guess work here. Each and every Marvin product is custom built to exacting standards by experienced craftsmen. And the customization options are almost limitless.
Choose from a wide array of wood species. Match your cabinets with the perfect interior stain. Select unique hardware and make a statement. You can even create a custom color for your exterior cladding…and the list goes on and on.
Because Marvin windows and doors are made to order, you can craft a customized energy efficient solution for your project’s unique needs. Choose from thousands of dual-pane and triple-pane (Tripane) products—couple them with glazing and gas options that will help you achieve optimal energy efficiency.
Reflect your style and add personality to your home—made to order, and built around you—Marvin Windows and Doors.

From our home to yours. No fuss, no hassle, no middleman. Some projects call for staggered delivery. Sometimes you need everything delivered all at once—it really depends on the job. Our delivery services personnel will work with you to plan a delivery schedule that fits your project’s timetable. We use our own Marvin trucks and our professional, experienced drivers are all Marvin employees or Marvin Dealer Partners. You can count on us to carefully pack, load, and unload our trucks to ensure that the products you’ve ordered arrive in the best condition. Delivery is an important part of our process and our goal is to make sure you get you what you need, delivered where and when you need it. Contact us to discuss our delivery options.

At Marvin Windows of Canada we want to ensure that your experience working with us not only meets, but also exceeds your expectations. Marvin products come with a no nonsense warranty package and attentive post-sales service to help you care for your investment. After your windows are installed we encourage you to register your Marvin products. Once registered, you will receive information on cleaning, general answers to common questions and other helpful hints. Our entire organization is committed to customer satisfaction, and we invite you to learn more about the customer care program and post-sales services we offer. We’re always here to help.