Paving the way for Marvin Signature Services.

Paving the way for Marvin Signature Services.

“Marvin’s competitors do not show up with architects experienced in conservation and custom product manufacture.”

The First Baptist Church Halifax was founded in 1827 as the Granville Street Baptist Church and has been a historic landmark in Nova Scotia ever since. But it has also served as a historic landmark for Marvin Canada. Marvin’s 1997 rehabilitation of the Gothic Revival church windows paved the way for Marvin Signature Services as we know it today.
Marvin Signature Services partners our best craftsmen with some of the best architects in the industry to solve the toughest challenges and create the most beautiful window solutions ever imagined. From concept to completion Marvin Signature Services will be there.

Jerry MacNeil Architects of Halifax was originally retained to handle the problem of the leaking and structurally unstable Gothic Revival windows at the church. The windows ranged in height from 23 feet for the two transept windows to 22 feet for the main Gallery window. The church’s intricate character-defining windows were decayed beyond preservation. As specialists in the conservation of historical architectural millwork, this architectural firm was the ideal choice to take on the large Gothic Revival window rehabilitation program. The firm prepared digital drawings and conducted accurate and precise documentation work, however, a window manufacturer capable of supplying a high-quality product with confirmed delivery dates, competitive guaranteed pricing and a warranty could not be found. That’s when Frank R. Marvin, President of Marvin, stepped in to work in partnership with Jerry MacNeil Architects.

Since the stained glass dimensions and stone openings of no two windows were alike building the windows by hand was too slow and inaccurate. The Architects went to Marvin’s factory to study the CNC machines and determine what was required for fabrication. Virtual Building Models and CAD/CAM technology, cyber models, and cutter designs were prepared and downloaded directly to Marvin’s CNC equipment allowing the window fabrication to be a rapid paperless process. This was the world’s first known use of CNC technology to produce large framed Gothic Revival windows.

“We have been involved with Marvin for over 21 years, and we’ve found that they’re not afraid to take on projects that others will shy away from doing.” -Jerry MacNeil

The customization effort was revolutionary and paved the way for building Marvin’s reputation for solving the toughest challenges and applying top notch craftsmanship and design to each and every project. The body of work that Marvin and Jerry MacNeil Architects have completed together between 1997 and 2017 received the first Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Innovation in Architecture.


Name: The First Baptist Church Halifax
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Project Type: Historic Restoration
Building Type: Church
Year: 1997
Marvin Signature Series: Gothic Revival Windows
Architect: Jerry MacNeil Architects Limited

The experience gained from that project became the foundation of Marvin’s hallmark Signature Services. Marvin’s Signature Services products feature:

  • Design Assist – We assist the client to have the window designed and the contractor to have it installed. Besides providing custom millwork Signature Services can also provide design assistance to the architect of record, contractor and customer through licensed design assist professionals.
  • Ability to go beyond any catalog with endless possibilities.
  • Warranty covering highly customized products
  • Guaranteed on time delivery.
  • Assurance that stained glass exactly fits window openings.
  • Wood species sourced and selected from around the world.

Signature Services is what separates Marvin from the competition instilling partnership and confidence in each and every project. It means not only doing the big things but also the little things, like working directly on the job with the project team, to ensure success. Our clients appreciate how we collaborate with architects and builders, with focused attention to quality, craftsmanship and service. Now a trademark of the company, you can say that Marvin Signature Services were divinely inspired as a result of the work completed in Halifax.