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Some awning windows open by manually pushing a handle and pulling them closed, while others use a crank mechanism.


The sash on an awning window is hinged at the top of the frame, and the bottom swings outward. Some awning windows are pushed open and pulled closed manually with a handle, while others are operated with a hand crank. Awning windows that are wider than they are tall are often installed higher up on a wall to preserve privacy or usable wall space. They can also be installed above doors or larger windows to improve ventilation, pull in more natural light, and maximize views.

Awning windows excel at bringing in a cool breeze and letting stagnant hot air flow out of a room. Because they open at the bottom, awning windows naturally shed water, so it may be possible to keep them open in wet weather. Like casements, awning window are energy efficient because the wind blowing on them can actually create a tighter seal.

An excellent option for your kitchen, basement, or bathroom – awning windows open wide enough to provide good ventilation and weather protection at the same time. They are also excellent in humid locations because they can withstand damp and heavy weather.

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Marvin design options examples


Marvin offers an extensive array of design options to customize your windows to fit perfectly with your home.

Tape measure on top of project blueprints.
Tape measure on top of project blueprints.


Are you in the planning stages of a project, or ready to start? We have local Marvin experts in your area who can help you explore your options. We’d love to hear about your project! Connect with us for a custom consultation today.

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Discover how purposeful design and exceptional building materials can help bring your unique vision to life.

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Marvin experts are experienced in working with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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1) Modern Awning

The Modern Awning windows feature sleek hardware with a unique rotating handle design and are made for exceptional functionality. The Modern Awning has a wide range of size possibilities, making it versatile in terms of design. It can be used alone or in conjunction with direct glazed or casement windows.

2) Modern Awning Push Out

Our Modern Awning Push Out window features a distinct, nested handle at the sash and frame for maximum functionality. With versatility in design, the Modern Awning Push Out, which is available in a range of sizes, can be utilized either alone or in combination with casement windows or direct glazing.

3) Ultimate Awning

The Ultimate Awning window is a top-hinged casement window alternative engineered for performance and quality. The Ultimate Awning window comes in some of the largest sizes on the market and can be used alone as a practical solution for awkward spaces like over a sink or counter or as an addition to other windows to provide access to fresh air even in inclement weather.

4) Ultimate Awning Narrow Frame

The Ultimate Awning Narrow Frame window has a flat outside profile and a narrow frame, making it a stylish and functional top-hinged window. You can install it without removing the current window frame or messing with the interior or exterior trim, thanks to its inventive design.

5) Ultimate Awning Push Out

The innovative design of the Ultimate Awning Push Out window provides maximum flexibility to turn the handle and push outward with optimal visual impact. For convenience in hard-to-reach places, it has operating and locking hardware at the bottom of the window.

6) Ultimate Awning Push Out Narrow Frame

A top-hinged window with impeccable functionality, the Ultimate Awning Push Out Narrow Frame window is a great alternative for replacement windows. It can be used as a complement to picture or casement windows.

7) Elevate Awning

The Marvin Elevate Awning window is a practical choice for awkward spaces like over a sink or counter or to enjoy fresh air even in light rain. Its warm wood interior and low-maintenance fibreglass exterior blend style and toughness, and the practical lever hardware on the window’s sides enables a dual-point locking system.

8) Elevate Awning Narrow Frame

The Elevate Awning Narrow Frame has a low-maintenance fibreglass exterior and a warm wood interior that combine style and endurance. This window’s frame-in-frame construction allows for a clean replacement without affecting the current interior or exterior trim of your house because it is made specifically to fit the window opening you have available.

9) Essential Awning

The Marvin Essential Awning window has sleek lines, a top-hinged operation, and provides access to fresh air even in light rain, making it perfect for difficult-to-reach spaces. It is an excellent low-maintenance window thanks to its easy-to-use, concealed multi-point locking mechanism, and robust fibreglass exterior and interior.

10) Infinity Awning

The Infinity Awning is a low-maintenance option even though it comes with a sturdy fibreglass exterior and interior and an easy-to-use, secure concealed multi-point locking mechanism. It is also perfect for hard-to-reach spaces or allowing access to fresh air even in bad weather.

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