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Some casement windows are pushed open and closed manually using a handle, but the majority use a hand crank, which is typically positioned on the bottom of the window frame.


A casement window is a popular choice for a wide range of home projects. Since casement windows come with a sleek window frame, they often give a modern feel due to the large pane of glass. Casement windows are also perfect for hard-to-reach spaces, and as they are environment agnostic, they work perfectly well in all types of weather. During summer and winter, for example, they can keep the home insulated from extreme weather conditions.

Sashes on casement windows are hinged on the sides and open outward from either the left or right. Some casement windows are pushed open and closed manually using a handle, but the majority use a  hand crank, which is typically positioned on the bottom of the window frame. Crank-operated windows work well in kitchens and bathrooms where cabinets or a bathtub might make accessing the upper part of the window difficult. Casement windows have a modern look to them — however, introducing divided lite bars or window grids, creates a more classic look.

Casement windows offer large, continuous expanses of glass because there is only one sash. Compared to other types of windows, casement windows are the best at preventing air infiltration when closed. They are equally as effective at attracting a breeze when open, and because they are positioned on the inside of the glass, screens remain clean for longer. Because the sash on casement windows allows for a nearly unobstructed opening, residents can exit through the window in the event of a fire or emergency, which would not be possible with other window styles.

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Marvin design options examples


Marvin offers an extensive array of design options to customize your windows to fit perfectly with your home.

Tape measure on top of project blueprints.
Tape measure on top of project blueprints.


Are you in the planning stages of a project, or ready to start? We have local Marvin experts in your area who can help you explore your options. We’d love to hear about your project! Connect with us for a custom consultation today.

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Discover how purposeful design and exceptional building materials can help bring your unique vision to life.

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1) Modern Casement
A strong fibreglass exterior combined with a stainable, warm wood interior gives modern casement windows impressive performance. Many sizes are available for Modern Casement windows in push-out and crank-out versions.

2) Modern Casement Push-Out
The Modern Casement Push-Out window features a nested handle at the sash and frame while delivering superior functionality. It is thermally efficient and performs well in demanding climates.

3) Ultimate Casement
Made to complement even the most expansive views, the Ultimate Casement comes in the largest sizes with a secure multi-point lock.

4) Ultimate Casement Inswing
The Ultimate Casement Inswing is ideal for spaces like patios, decks, and outdoor walkways. It’s made with high-functionality clad materials and can stretch up to heights of 6 feet.

5) Ultimate Casement Push Out
The Ultimate Casement Push Out features round top shapes and is an amazing alternative to crank-out casement and awning windows. It’s CE certified and energy-efficient even at the largest sizes up to 8 feet.

6) Ultimate Casement Narrow Frame
The Ultimate Casement Narrow Frame is an excellent choice for new construction projects as well as remodelling projects that require slim lines and open views. With the narrow frame variation of Ultimate Casement, you are guaranteed easy installation without disturbing the existing frame or interior wall.

7) Ultimate Casement Narrow Push Out Frame
The Ultimate Casement Push Out Narrow Frame window is usually designed with a sleek frame that suits square profiles. It is a great alternative to traditional crank windows and is ideal for replacement projects.

8) Ultimate French Casement
With a mix of features including a modern look, energy efficiency, and security, the Ultimate French Casement is a top choice for traditional styling. The Ultimate French Casement opens like a French door with an outward swing, which saves space inside.

9) Ultimate French Casement Push Out
The Ultimate French Casement Push Out window opens like a French door and can be secured at multiple, pre-set opening angles. Our Ultimate French Casement Push Out windows not only look architecturally beautiful, but are also energy efficient.

10) Elevate Casement
The Elevate Casement window is highly secure and comes with a concealed multi-point locking system that securely locks with a single lever action at the bottom of the window. A unique narrow framing option is available for Elevate Casement to seamlessly fit into any window openings.

11) Casement Narrow Frame
The Casement Narrow Frame window is designed to fit into existing window openings precisely. The exterior is made of robust fibreglass, and the interior is made of warm pine wood that can be stained to match existing trim.

12) Essential Casement
The Essential Casement window is low maintenance and designed for smooth operation. Made with fibreglass, it is virtually indestructible on the interior and exterior. It also features a well-concealed, easy-to-engage and secure multi-point locking system.

13) Infinity Casement
The Infinity Casement window is suitable for narrow profiles and extensive views. It features an out-of-the-way folding handle that cranks out, an optional Clear View hinge to expand the viewing area and a multi-point locking system.