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Double-hung windows feature two movable sashes that move vertically. The sashes are held in place by counterweights, springs, or friction as they glide along built-in tracks incorporated into the frame.


Double-hung windows feature two movable sashes that move vertically. The sashes are held in place by counterweights, springs, or friction as they glide along built-in tracks incorporated into the frame. A latch located where the sashes meet is used to lock the sashes shut. Double-hung windows offer a more classic aesthetic and are often equipped with simulated divided lights or window grids. Double hung windows with a narrower top sash than bottom are also known as cottage windows.

There are some advantages that double hung windows have over their single hung counterparts. Because both sashes on double hung windows tilt in, it is easier to access the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass, allowing for easy cleaning. To cool a room, lowering a top sash allows heat to escape a space quickly. Also, double hung windows situated beneath a projecting eave make it possible to lower the top sash, even when it rains.

Elevate double hung fiberglass window features

Marvin Double Hung Windows

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Marvin offers an extensive array of design options to customize your windows to fit perfectly with your home.

Tape measure on top of project blueprints.
Tape measure on top of project blueprints.


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1) Ultimate Double Hung G2
The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Double Hung G2 window combines classical aesthetics with cutting-edge window functionality. The Ultimate Double Hung G2 window is energy-efficient and features an auto-lock for enhanced security and weather-tightness. It has sturdy hardware for easy operation and Marvin’s unique wash mode for effortless cleaning. Add customizable choices such as round top styles or single hung operation with Lift Lock—Marvin’s bottom rail locking mechanism—for easier operation in hard-to-reach spots.

2) Ultimate Double Hung Insert G2
The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Double Hung Insert G2 window is expertly designed and fits into your existing window opening without causing interior or external trim compromise. Enhance your design with Lift Lock—Marvin’s exclusive bottom rail locking device—that facilitates operating in difficult-to-reach regions.

3) Ultimate Wood Double Hung
The traditional design of the all-wood Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Wood Double Hung window makes it suitable for historical projects that require a wood exterior to suit original architectural specifications. Flexible design options, such as wood species and stains, in conjunction with single hung or stationary sash arrangements, contribute to historical accuracy, and wash mode facilitates simple cleaning.

4) Ultimate Wood Double Hung Insert
The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Double Hung is composed exclusively of wood. The frame-in-frame design of the Insert window enables it to fit into your window opening without requiring the removal of the current window frame or disruption of the outside or interior trim. Due to the window’s all-wood construction, it can complement historic architectural aspects or bring personality to a more contemporary design.

5) Ultimate Wood Double Hung Magnum
For residential, commercial, or historical applications that require more expansive sizes and the appearance of a natural, wood exterior, the Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Wood Double Hung Magnum window is an excellent choice. This window is suited for a multitude of applications.

6) Elevate Double Hung
This modern variation on a time-honored window style maintains the original’s timeless excellence and aesthetics while giving it greater durability. The balanced design of the Marvin Elevate™ Double Hung window provides your home with the performance and elegance it merits. This window boasts a durable fibreglass exterior, a warm wood interior, and coordinating picture or transom window styles. Simply remove or tilt the sash to make cleaning the window much simpler.

7) Elevate Double Hung Insert
The frame-in-frame construction of Marvin Elevate™ Double-Hung Insert windows allows for a clean replacement without affecting your home’s existing interior or exterior trim. It mixes traditional design with contemporary features, such as low-maintenance fibreglass exteriors and warm wood interiors that may be stained to match current interior finishes. Tilt or remove the sash for simple cleaning.

8) Essential Double Hung
The Marvin Essential™ Double-Hung window features clean lines and a streamlined design. This window is virtually maintenance-free thanks to its comprehensive fibreglass construction. Simplified options offer the ideal level of personalization, and the window tilts and detaches for simple cleaning.

9) Infinity Double Hung
The Infinity Double Hung is a classic window design that features updated performance. Simply tilt the window inward to clean it easily, and marvel at how easily your new window opens and closes to let in the desired quantity of fresh air. Cleaning the window is made easier by the inward tilting position.