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Picture windows are large, fixed windows that enhance the scenery of the external landscape, much like a picture frame.


Picture windows are large, fixed windows that enhance the scenery of the external landscape, much like a picture frame. Because picture windows do not open or close, a set of functional windows are often installed. Picture windows can be built with or without sashes — direct glazed windows, which do not have a sash, offer greater, unobstructed views.

Due to their size, picture windows offer scenic views and flood rooms with warm, natural light. Picture windows are also more energy-efficient than operational windows because they eliminate unwanted air infiltration. Marvin recently introduced an innovative vented picture window that provides expansive unobstructed views that also captures a breeze, promoting all the health  advantages associated with fresh air.

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Marvin Picture Windows

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Marvin offers an extensive array of design options to customize your windows to fit perfectly with your home.

Tape measure on top of project blueprints.
Tape measure on top of project blueprints.


Are you in the planning stages of a project, or ready to start? We have local Marvin experts in your area who can help you explore your options. We’d love to hear about your project! Connect with us for a custom consultation today.

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Explore our photo gallery of Marvin windows and doors to get a sense of the possibilities.

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Discover how purposeful design and exceptional building materials can help bring your unique vision to life.

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Welcome to the Inspired by Marvin blog. Here we feature stunning projects and trends we’re loving lately.


Marvin experts are experienced in working with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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1) Modern Direce Glaze
When ingenuity meets pure modern aesthetics, the result is truly stunning. The Marvin Signature™ Modern line boasts large designs that perform at scale. The proprietary frame design of Modern Direct Glaze helps to keep interior temperatures comfortable while maintaining sightlines.

2) Ultimate Picture
The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Picture window provides a classic look in a non-operable window, allowing natural light into a room or emphasizing an unobstructed outdoor view. It is long-lasting and energy-efficient, and can match accompanying double-hung, single-hung, or casement windows. Our aluminum-clad exterior offers durability in a variety of finish options, while our all-wood option is ideal for historic renovation projects that require a wood exterior to match original architectural details.

3) Ultimate Picture Narrow Frame
The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Picture Narrow Frame window is a non-operable window with a classic style. It’s ideal for bringing expansive views and natural light into a room, and the narrow frame of the window allows for window replacement without disturbing existing interior or exterior trim. Both durable and energy efficient, it can be sized to match adjacent operable windows for a streamlined design, with flexible design options such as wood species and stains to create a custom look.

4) Ultimate Venting Picture
Exclusive to Marvin, the Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Venting Picture Window’s unique design provides the look and security of a stationary picture window with the unexpected benefit of airflow through a patented, hidden screen system. When unlocked, the large window opens evenly on all sides for passive air exchange, allowing in the air you want while keeping out everything you don’t.

5) Elevate Picture
The Marvin Elevate™ Picture window is a stationary option that comes in two styles to meet a variety of design requirements. The Elevate Picture window in-sash version design features a sash that matches the profiles of other operable windows in the Elevate collection, such as casement, awning, or double-hung. The direct-glaze version lacks a sash, so the glass meets the frame directly, resulting in a simple, clean profile in larger sizes. Both versions provide the ideal combination of style and strength, with a durable fibreglass exterior and a stainable, warm wood interior.

6) Essential Picture
The Marvin Essential™ Picture window is a stationary option with a simple, clean profile where the glass meets the frame directly. The Essential Picture window provides strength even in large sizes, with a long-lasting fibreglass exterior and interior that require little maintenance.

7) Infinity Picture
The Infinity Picture window is a fixed window with profiles that look identical to operating windows. It can be combined with other windows to achieve open views and add more natural light to your home.