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REMODELING A HERITAGE BRAND: MARVIN INTRODUCES NEW NAME, LOGO AND PRODUCT COLLECTIONS Company shares vision of possibility and new ways to meet customer needs, improve experiences and enhance well-being Marvin Windows and Doors has been known for a spirit of innovation and commitment to people – whether it’s customers, employees, neighbors or partners – for […]

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Marvin Windows of Canada is pleased to invite architecture students to participate in the 2019 Architecture Student Design Challenge! This year’s theme “Affordable Living Spaces” is centered around affordable housing. For full contest details download our official contest PDF. The CHALLENGE: Design low-income housing units that are sustainable and most importantly improve the quality of […]

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It has been a bittersweet process wrapping up the Architect Student Challenge, but we are incredibly grateful for the challenging work, effort and creativity that was put behind each project. Contestants truly stepped up their game this year, and we had such a blast going through each project to see the different ideas, solutions and […]

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Rigid. Durable. High-Strength. Large Glass. Narrow Sightlines. Marvin MODERN is a system of windows, doors and options that enables architects to achieve their vision with pure modern design aesthetics and category-leading performance. Initial Product Launch. Late Fall 2018 Multi-Slide Door Made from a single piece of high-density fiberglass, this proprietary frame from Marvin reimagines what […]

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PERFORMANCE Category-Leading Thermal + Structural Performance The unique construction of the Marvin proprietary high-density fiberglass frame offers strength at scale without compromising thermal performance. The Marvin MODERN standard product exceeds the U Factor standard offerings from competitors. MODERN AESTHETICS Greater Consistency in Sightlines than the Competition Intentionally selected options feature only the most critical details […]

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The Toronto Star, one of Canada’s highest-circulation newspapers, featured Marvin Windows in a Home Improvement article titled, “The Top 5 Renovation Projects for a More Comfy Home.” The piece suggested that, “in planning a renovation project, what you need to consider first are the things you don’t see that significantly contribute to the home’s overall […]

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Design expert Karen Sealy of Sealy Design Inc. shared her favorite tips to make her home comfortable and energy efficient on her blog. Number three on the list? Good quality windows. Sealy pointed out that Marvin windows “are thermal sealed to give you outstanding R value, offer great design flexibility and are made without shortcuts.” Read […]

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Cityline, the longest-running daytime talk show for women in Canadian history, featured Marvin windows in a segment with interior designer Karen Sealy of Sealy Design Inc. The theme of Cityline changes daily and includes expert guests stepping in to give viewers sound advice. In early February, Sealy discussed 5 ways to keep your home warm […]

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Meet the winner of the 2017 Architecture Student Design Challenge! Levi Mullan from the University of Waterloo presented our judges with an impressive harbour-front cottage project that was beautifully designed to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living, utilizing the stunning Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors. A perfect blend of interior and exterior space, this […]

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Home buyers are willing to pay more to bask in natural light and multiply living space Call it a big glass revolution. No longer bound by rules that once effectively blocked the use of oversized glass in exterior home design, residential architects, builders, and developers can now offer a dazzling natural light show that’s wowing […]