If you’re freshening up your living space with a home renovation project, such as updating your kitchen or painting your home’s interior or exterior, this could be the perfect time to consider how your windows and doors fit into the overall plan.

Plan Strategically

Will you be replacing sheetrock on the walls? And then will you be painting? There’s a ripple effect with home renovation projects, which might make including a window and door renovation a strategic move. A home renovation can be an opportunity to think strategically about other potential work in your home. This can also help shorten the overall timeframe that your home might be in “reno” mode. Piggy-backing projects can potentially save time and cost, especially when hiring an architect, builder, or contractor to bring all the parts together.

Seek Expertise Early On

Home renovations can feel overwhelming. There’s so much to explore and learn, and so many decisions to make. When dovetailing window and door renovations with bigger home renovations, you’ll want to consult an expert for design ideas and guidance. Architects, builders, and contractors can help with the overall design vision as well as the mechanics of how the pieces of your home renovation project will fit together seamlessly.

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See the Big Picture

When you think of your windows and doors as key elements in the overall design of a home renovation project, you can incorporate them in ways that will bring the entire project to life. For example, if you’re updating your home to achieve a more contemporary look, a new kitchen counter top, refaced cabinets, and a new kitchen window can come together to make all the difference. Choosing a window with minimal sightlines and large panes of glass, as shown in the styles at Marvin Modern, can transform your space in a dramatic way, plus add more natural sunlight, which is always a bonus.

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How Do I Know If My Windows and Doors Need Replacing?

There are few signs to look for, such as cold drafts when the windows and doors are closed, difficulty opening or closing them, or frames that feel soft or chipped, which could be signs of water damage. However, with a window and door renovation project, the focus may not just be on “fixing” but beautifying. In addition to improving function and performance, a window and door renovation can bring aesthetic beauty to your home decor.

How Do I Prepare For A Window and Door Renovation?

One of the most important things you can do for a window and door renovation is to start planning early. This gives you time to shop around, gather your resources, and determine a budget. Working with an architect, builder, or contractor can assist you in establishing a project timeline that maps out what will happen and when. This will help minimize any unwelcome surprises throughout the renovation project. Visit a Marvin Canada showroom to get started. Our window and door specialists can guide you through the selection process and help you find products that will bring your vision to life.

What If I Want To Make My Windows Bigger?

Installing a bigger window, or a different shape and configuration, can become the design focal point in a home renovation project. Marvin’s window and door experts can guide you every step of the way.

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Renovating windows and doors in a home with historic value comes with joy and responsibility. See how the process is captured in this blog, which highlights a complete renovation project. Because of the historic nature of the property, the builders had to meet strict requirements from the local Heritage Preservation Commission to maintain the home’s 1924 Mediterranean Revival style.

The experts at Marvin Canada are experienced in working with local architects and builders on all kinds of window and door renovations, including those that restore the beauty of historic homes and properties. Visit our Project Briefs to see how real-life restoration projects successfully came together with the historic expertise of the Marvin Canada team.

Meet architect Frank Shirley, design master and preserver of history. See how the window and door renovation of the restoration of this 19th-century masterpiece was accomplished. Matching the Victorian details from the old to the new materials was a top priority for architect Frank Shirley.

Is It Worth Replacing Windows and Doors Before Selling A House?

It’s hard to pinpoint in dollars the positive impact new windows and doors can have on a home. However, many buyers are looking for turnkey, move-in-ready homes, so new windows and doors are often a strong selling point. In addition, window and door renovations can help increase a home’s energy efficiency, and therefore its value. The bottom line? Whether or not you’re selling your home, new windows and doors can create new possibilities for how you live, work, think, and feel. At Marvin, we believe that’s the ultimate value.


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Designer Black: A Dramatic Renovation Accent

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