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Windows and doors with factory-applied finishing come pre-stained and painted and are perfect ready-to-install products that don’t require additional preparation on-site.


Wood Options

Get stunning windows and doors with Marvin factory-applied interior finishes that are ready to install the day they arrive. Our innovative multi-step, integrated conditioning, and staining process for doors and windows begins before production, distinguishing our factory-applied finishes from those of other manufacturers. Before we craft them to your specifications, each piece of wood receives even coats of conditioning and stain, two layers of clear finish, is sanded and baked twice in an oven. This specific technique offers a more uniform, durable, and high-quality finish highlighting the wood’s natural beauty, texture, and grain.

Marvin walnut wood Interior Finish


Selected: Walnut

**Because wood is a natural product, its colour, texture, and grain will vary. The wood selections presented merely depict the general appearance of each species, and we use pine to display stain samples. The images do not reflect the interior or exterior profile of a product.

Stained Wood

Compared to on-site painting or staining, factory-stained finishes provide consistent quality and performance due to our knowledge of wood as a material and years of honing our staining process.

Before we begin to build your window or door, each piece of wood receives even layers of conditioning and stain, two coats of clear finish, is sanded and baked twice in an oven to achieve a consistent, durable, and high-quality finish. This process accentuates the inherent beauty, texture, and grain of the wood. Our stained wood products are up to industry standards and are delivered ready to install.

Marvin Clear Coat Stain on Pine

Clear Coat

Selected: Clear Coat

Painted Wood

Painting on-site or organizing off-site finishing is an additional step that requires time and planning. Select our interior finish option on any Marvin pine window or door with wood or clad exterior for a factory-painted alternative that arrives ready to install.

Our technique ensures uniformity since every piece of wood receives even coatings of primer and paint before being sanded and baked twice in an oven. We check each wood for quality and consistency before your window or door is assembled, resulting in a durable, long-lasting painted finish that meets industry standards.

Marvin White Painted interior finish

White Paint

Selected: White Paint

**Finish examples are approximate, and screen colours may vary. To see genuine colour samples, visit your nearest showroom or retailer. **Black only available on clad.


Interior Finish

The Modern product range has a low-gloss interior colour palette that was carefully selected to represent the fundamental aspect of modern design. Choose between divided interior and exterior colour finishes or coordinated matching finishes.

Modern Marvin Signature - Interior Finish Gunmetal


Selected: Gunmetal


Interior Finishes

The Elevate line has rich wood interiors in naked pine that may be stained to match your interiors or factory finished in popular designer black painted inside finish, clear coat, or prefinished white. Factory finishing implies that you can anticipate consistent quality and aesthetics as a result of our meticulously refined finishing procedure.

Marvin elevate bare pine wood interior finishes

Bare Wood

Selected: Bare Wood


Finishing the Interior

Our Infinity collection’s Ultrex® pultruded fibreglass inside has a durable, low-maintenance finish in stone white, ebony, bronze, and Sierra. You can also choose our stainable EverWood® option.

Stone White

Selected: Stone White

** Bronze interior is only available with Bronze exterior. * Ebony interior is only available with Ebony exterior. * Sierra interior is not available with Ebony exterior. * Finish samples are approximate.


Finishing the Interior

Our Essential collection’s Ultrex® pultruded fibreglass inside has a durable, low-maintenance finish in bronze, ebony, and stone white. With bronze and black interior finishes, colour-matched and neutral dark components are offered. AND INFINITY™

Marvin essential bronze interior color


Selected: Bronze

**The bronze interior finish is only available with the matching bronze exterior finish. **The Ebony interior finish is only available with the matching ebony exterior finish


Marvin experts are experienced in working with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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