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Marvin Wood Material

Wood is a premium choice because it has a rich, warm appearance, numerous customization choices, and design adaptability. Wood can be used on the inside and outside of a window or door and also on the interior with an extruded aluminum cladding outside for a low-maintenance option. Marvin provides both alternatives and is a market leader in sourcing, processing, and using high-quality wood.

Benefits of Wood
Marvin Wood Window
  • Maintains its characteristics even when subjected to extreme climate changes.
  • Excellent insulating properties.
  • Creates a warm, natural vibe in both modern and historical rooms.
  • Handles a variety of treatments and finishes nicely.
  • When you consider customized forms and profiles, staining and paint treatments, the possibilities are endless
The Marvin Materials Difference: Wood

Our commitment to high-quality wood products starts with sourcing. We rely on our long-standing partnerships with wood suppliers, many of whom have supplied Marvin with wood for more than 20 years.

We recognize that knowing how wood reacts in different settings and how we may reap its benefits is critical to creating high-quality products. We have committed to hiring materials specialists, including advanced degree wood specialists, who receive yearly training and wood specification-based education to assist us in designing efficiently. We also assist in educating construction professionals on wood applications best practices.

This degree of experience in appraising wood and understanding its application adds to our ability to develop and build extremely long-lasting wood windows and doors.

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Extruded aluminum window

Because extruded aluminum is stronger and more durable than roll-formed aluminum, Marvin exclusively uses extruded aluminum for the outer cladding of Marvin Signature® Ultimate windows and doors. Extruded aluminum may also meet a variety of profile widths, including applications requiring exceptionally broad casing or historical profiles, thanks to precision cutting and manufacturing processes. All of the frames, sills, and sashes of Marvin Signature Coastline products are manufactured completely of thick extruded aluminum due to their outstanding strength and ability to withstand the exceptionally powerful winds and flying debris from tropical storms and hurricanes.

Advantages of Extruded Aluminum
Marvin Extruded aluminum window
  • Protection and grit in the face of extreme weather
  • Long-lasting colour and performance without sacrificing performance
  • Can develop unique profiles, allowing you greater freedom in matching details without sacrificing performance
  • Provides a low-maintenance option
Extruded Aluminum: The Marvin Materials Advantage

The PVDF fluoropolymer paint finish, which comes standard on every Marvin Ultimate extruded aluminum cladding, fulfills the highest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 standards. Signature™ Coastline items provide the same high-performance finish options. Both product lines provide a wide range of conventional colour selections as well as nearly limitless custom colour options.

The Ultimate product line’s cladding is covered by a 20-year warranty against loss of adhesion in non-coastal installations and a 10-year warranty against chalking or fading. For additional information on all of the Coastline finish options and warranty terms in your individual location, contact your local Marvin dealer.

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Modern high density fiberglass materials

Marvin High-Density Fiberglass products contain a high concentration of fibreglass and a strong resin. This breakthrough material resembles the appearance of other modern materials but the added benefit of superior thermal efficiency. We use High-Density Fiberglass on the exterior of our Marvin Modern product range, while the interior is finished in sturdy aluminum with a low-gloss finish.

Advantages of High-Density Fiberglass
Marvin Awning Window
  • High-Density Fiberglass, like pultruded fibreglass, expands and contracts at a rate comparable to glass to sustain performance over time
  • Even in harsh climates, it retains its shape and thermal performance
  • Proprietary frame design that provides strength and performance even at larger sizes
High-Density Fiberglass: What Sets Marvin Materials Apart

We believe that modern doors and windows should perform better, so for our Marvin Modern product line, we designed a High-Density Fiberglass and patent-pending frame design that reimagines how products of this size and style should perform. A complete piece of High-Density Fiberglass creates our distinctive new frame from interior to exterior requiring no extra material to help in thermal performance. This innovation sets us apart from our competitors. We offer exceptional thermal performance while maintaining strength at larger scale while keeping minimal sightlines by finishing smoothly to the inside with aluminum.


Marvin's Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass

Marvin’s Ultrex® pultruded fibreglass, developed over 20 years ago, was one of the first premium composite materials on the market. Fibreglass is one of the greatest insulators among window-frame materials due to its extremely low conductivity. It expands and contracts at the same rate as glass, which allows for an air-seal strong enough to support the rest of the unit. Its long-term stability ensures that fibreglass windows will continue to perform like new for decades. For our pultruded fibreglass windows, Marvin offers two options: pure fibreglass (Essential) and fibreglass-clad wood (Elevate), which provides the warm look of real wood on the home’s interior.

The Advantages of Pultruded Fiberglass
  • Because it behaves much like glass when it expands and contracts, it works with it rather than against it. Pultruded glass maintains form even when subjected to rapid temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, or snow.
  • The finish is the first and only composite to get AAMA 624 verification, indicating that it has passed number
  • Resists chalking, chipping, and fading even in darker shades
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Quality engineering to maintain its look for many years
The Ultrex Fiberglass Difference at Marvin Materials

Ultrex pultruded fibreglass is a low-maintenance composite material with toughness and longevity that are unrivalled.

Not all composite materials are the same. Some businesses use sawdust and vinyl to create a composite material with fundamentally different properties and performance values. Others employ a manufacturing process that renders the materials more susceptible to the damaging effects of high temperatures.

Most plastics and vinyls, for example, are produced using thermoplastic methods, which involve melting the material, pouring it into a form, and allowing it to harden. When thermoplastic materials are re-heated in the sun, they start to melt again. When it comes to products like doors or windows, this can mean that they begin to misfit the opening, making them difficult to open and close. Sometimes, the seals become compromised in a relatively short period, especially in hot climates.

On the other hand, our pultruded fibreglass is a thermoset material created through a chemical process that alters the product at the molecular level. By the end of the manufacturing process, it is fundamentally more than the sum of its parts. A thermoset fibreglass composite, such as Ultrex, is made by saturating fibreglass cables with resins, heating the two materials until we achieve a strong bond and allowing the new material to cure. It will not soften or melt when exposed to environmental temperatures.


Ultrex’s improved performance and exceptional durability make it an excellent choice for customers looking for a strong, versatile, and long-lasting window or door.

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