It has been a bittersweet process wrapping up the Architect Student Challenge, but we are incredibly grateful for the challenging work, effort and creativity that was put behind each project. Contestants truly stepped up their game this year, and we had such a blast going through each project to see the different ideas, solutions and way of thinking each student brought to the table. Our top three projects embody a clean aesthetic and connectedness to the outdoors achieved through thoughtful design. Congratulations to our winners!

1st place: Thomas Nuytten (University of Manitoba)

A cabin as unique as its surroundings. The winner of this year’s contest, Thomas Nuytten approached the challenge with the goal of creating a unique user experience when it comes to interaction with outside spaces. The grand yet subtle structure with an earthy exterior makes perfect contrast with the crisp white gallery-like interior. Materials that blend in with their surroundings mixed with windows and doors that frame expansive views only encourage further appreciation of nature and foster that connection to the outside that we long for. Kudos to Thomas!

2nd place: Vithusan Vimal, Jonathan Graham, Feng Le, Raymond Kuang (University of Toronto)

A geometric delight. Our runner up project was a team effort of four students at the University of Toronto. The layout is thoughtfully designed to promote well being and access to natural spaces through the creative use of interior courtyards. Dubbed “a true sensory experience”, this project shows how you can go “outside” without leaving the perimeter of your home.

3rd place: Eve-Marie Stewart (Université Laval)

Refuge in a winter wonderland. In third place, Eve-Marie presented a minimalistic take on a winter holiday home. Her use of massive, strategically-placed Marvin doors and windows makes it difficult to tell where the inside ends and the outside begins. This continuous effect gives the home an incredible flow and is a prefect solution for enjoying the view (without feeling the cold), on a frigid winter day.
A huge thank you to all the students who participated. We are looking forward to a new challenge in 2019 – stay tuned for the launch of ASDC 2019!