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Are Your Windows and Doors Ready for Winter?

Are Your Windows and Doors Ready for Winter?

February 20, 2024

Do you know that you can prepare your windows and doors to ensure your home stays warm and energy efficient during the coldest time of the year?

For those residing in regions with harsh winters, the effects of cold weather, snow, and ice on a house are well-known. It is crucial to take the necessary steps to winterize windows and doors.

To ensure a cozy and cost-effective winter, it’s crucial to stop cold drafts from infiltrating your home and causing your heating expenses to skyrocket. By properly preparing your windows and doors for the chilly season, you can enhance warmth and energy efficiency. Follow these steps to achieve just that.

Windows and Doors Marvin Canada
Doors and Windows Marvin Canada

Window Winterization 101: How to Keep the Cold Out

To start the process, it is important to conduct a thorough cleaning of your windows during the autumn season. This will enable you to easily spot any signs of deterioration and identify any necessary repairs that may be required for both the windows and frames.

To detect drafts and gaps, use a halogen-type flashlight to inspect your windows. Move the flashlight around the windows and observe any areas where light can be seen from the other side. If you identify any gaps, seal them using caulk, new weatherstripping, or foam. Additionally, keeping your windows locked will help prevent air leakage by closing up potential spaces.

To enhance the efficiency of your older wooden window frames, it is important to inspect them for any loose panes or areas where glaze may be missing. Take the necessary steps to reglaze the panes as required, as this will help improve their performance.

It may be a good idea to assess whether it is time to upgrade your outdated windows. Inefficient or aged windows can result in the same energy loss as leaving a window open throughout the winter season. By replacing your old windows with modern, energy-efficient alternatives, you can effectively decrease your utility expenses by ensuring that heat remains trapped inside your home.

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Door Winterization Made Easy: Follow These Steps

Winterizing your doors is a similar process to winterizing windows. It involves cleaning and inspecting them in the fall, searching for any drafts, and examining the weatherstripping.

To ensure a tight seal, it is advisable to keep the doors locked whenever possible. Moreover, in the colder winter months, you might want to consider using a draft guard or installing a storm door for added protection.

Cold Window Condensation

During the winter, it is normal to see condensation on your windows. This is a good sign that your windows are functioning properly and helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. To prevent any potential water damage, make sure there is adequate airflow in your home and avoid obstructing the windows with heavy curtains, indoor plants, or decorations.

There are several other ways to keep your home warm in the winter. If you live in a very cold climate or have old, single-pane windows that let in drafts, using a plastic window shrink kit can greatly improve insulation and keep the cold air out. It may also be worth considering replacing your windows if they are in poor condition.

If your windows have curtains or blinds, remember to open them during the day when your home gets direct sunlight. The sunlight will help to naturally warm up your space. However, be sure to close the curtains and blinds when it is especially cold outside to provide an extra layer of protection against the cold air.



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