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Casement Windows

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August 24, 2022

History tells us that casement windows once replaced Georgian stone mullioned windows. Iron window frames were forged locally. Because glassmaking was difficult, only small panes were manufactured. Typically, six glass panes were connected with lead.

Wood then replaced iron as, around 1850, Victorians stopped making iron frames. Oak frames and glazing bars replaced lead to hold the glass.

As larger sheets of glass became possible, creating windows with two panes linked by a horizontal bar became commonplace. Softwood replaced oak as a frame material around 1900, and this allowed for smaller frames.

Until the late 19th century, casement windows were in use exclusively. They went out of favour, but were later reintroduced and popularized due to their historical and artistic value. They are still very popular today because they offer several benefits over traditional windows.

A Modern Take

Casement windows are energy efficient, easy to install and come in a variety of styles. In addition, they offer traditional curb appeal to a home.

Note that they don’t slide up and down, like other types of windows, but are permanently mounted and open outwards (or sometimes inward) by virtue of a crank. They are especially suited to hard to reach areas, as they can be operated by a single hand and offer full top to bottom ventilation.

What Are the Features of Casement Windows?

Casement window sashes open from the left or right. Crank-operated windows function effectively in kitchens and bathrooms where cabinets or bathtubs make window access difficult. Divided lite bars or window grids give casement windows their classic appeal.

Casement window-Marvin-Canada
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Casement windows have one sash, so they feature wide, continuous glass. Casement windows prevent air intrusion the best when closed. Because they’re on the inside of the glass, screens stay cleaner for longer. As an added safety feature, residents can exit through casement windows in a fire or emergency, which isn’t possible with other window types.

Why Should You Consider Installing Casement Windows?

Casements offer great energy efficiency, but they also provide privacy and security. They allow light into your home while keeping out noise and weather elements. And when properly installed, they look quite beautiful.

Casement windows are the most common windows used today. They are usually made up of two parts; the sash and the frame. The sash is the part that slides horizontally across the top of the window while the frame holds everything else in place.

Casement Window Maintenance

When a casement window needs maintenance, it is important to make sure that all the pieces are working properly. This includes making sure that the sashes slide smoothly and that the seals work correctly. If any of these components were to fail, then water could enter the house through the window.

It is also important to check the condition of the glass panes in order to ensure that they are intact to avoid moisture damage. This can result in mold growth and even structural problems within the home.

Casement windows are beautiful additions to any home. They provide light and ventilation without sacrificing privacy. Additionally, if you have a small space, they also allow for maximized natural light coming into a room.

Are Casement Windows for You?

The assistance of a window specialist, such as your Marvin Canada dealer partner, is readily available. They can help you to choose the products that will best suit your project. Marvin Canada has an extensive selection of casement windows, all of which meet or exceed the demanding requirements of today’s homeowner.



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