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Everything You Should Know Before Buying Casement Windows 

April 27, 2023

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, casement windows are a popular option due to their practicality and versatility. Casement windows can be found in many homes, and they offer a range of benefits such as improved ventilation and energy efficiency. However, before purchasing casement windows, there are some important factors to consider. Here, we will explore what you should know before buying casement windows.

Types of Casement Windows

Different types of casement windows offer various benefits:

Single Frame

Single frame casement windows are hinged windows that open outward from the side. They offer a number of benefits:

  • energy efficient, providing excellent insulation and preventing air infiltration.
  • easy to operate, utilizing a crank handle to open and close.
  • provide maximum ventilation, allowing for the maximum amount of fresh air to enter the home.
  • durable, with frames that are resistant to the elements and require minimal maintenance.

Casement windows are an ideal choice for homes, providing an attractive and secure option that is also energy efficient. The design of the windows allows for more light to enter the home and increases the home’s visual appeal. The secure frame and tight seal keep the home safe and comfortable.

Push-Out Casement

Push-out casement windows are hinged on the sides and open outward like doors. They are an excellent choice for areas where natural ventilation is desired due to their large size and the ability to open at a wide angle. Some of the benefits of push-out casement windows are better air flow, better views, a tighter seal that saves energy, and better security. They also provide easy access to clean both the inside and outside of the window, allowing for better maintenance. Push-out casement windows are also a great choice for areas that require soundproofing, as they create a tighter seal when closed.

Modern-casement-push-out-fiberglass - Casement Windows

French Casement

French casement windows are hinged windows that open outward, away from the frame. They are often used as a replacement for traditional double-hung windows, as they offer a more modern look. The French casement style allows for more natural light and ventilation, as the entire window can be opened up to let in the breeze. The window’s design also offers improved protection against the elements, as the sash is tightly sealed when shut and the top and bottom of the window can be opened separately. French casement windows are a great addition to any home, as they are both stylish and energy efficient. They provide a great view and a pleasant airflow while also helping to keep the home insulated and energy costs down.


Marvin Canada’s casement windows are available in a range of materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, and composite (a mix of materials). Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is a popular choice for its natural look and feel. Fibreglass is a durable option that is strong, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are known for their energy efficiency, but not all casement windows are created equal. Look for windows that are ENERGY STAR certified to ensure they meet the highest energy efficiency standards. Double or triple pane glass, low-E coatings, and gas fills can all improve the energy efficiency of your casement windows.

With Marvin Canada, you have the option to choose from 13 different types of casement windows, all of which are energy efficient:

  • Modern Casement
  • Modern Casement Push Out
  • Ultimate Casement
  • Ultimate Casement Inswing
  • Ultimate Casement Push Out
  • Ultimate Casement Narrow Frame
  • Ultimate Casement Narrow Push Out Frame
  • Ultimate French Casement
  • Ultimate French Casement Push Out
  • Elevate Casement
  • Casement Narrow Frame
  • Essential Casement
  • Infinity Casement


Casement windows are secure due to their design and construction. They are hinged at the side or top of the window frame and open outward with a crank handle. The crank handle locks the window, making it difficult for intruders to open. The windows are also equipped with multiple locking points that prevent forced entry. For added security, the locks can also be secured with screws or other fasteners.

To maximize security when installing casement windows, the windows should be placed in areas that are well-lit and easily visible from the outside. This will make it easier to detect any attempted break-ins. Additionally, the windows should be equipped with quality locks, and if necessary, additional security measures such as an alarm system can be installed. Regular security checks should also be conducted to ensure the locks are in good condition. Lastly, any bushes and trees that are located near the windows should be trimmed back to reduce potential hiding spots for burglars.

Overall, casement windows are secure and can be further enhanced with additional security measures like the following:

Ensure that the windows close correctly:

The closure of casement windows should be flush with the frame. Incorrect installation, paint accumulation, frame expansion, and other problems may prevent your casement windows from shutting properly. If the sash extends beyond the frame, an intruder could use a crowbar to attempt to pry it open. Inspect the exterior of your property when all the windows are closed to ensure that they close flush with the frame for sufficient security.

Install a supplementary lock:

Burglars typically target windows that are not readily visible. If any of your casement windows are not visible from the street or a neighbouring residence, you may wish to install an additional lock. A variety of aftermarket locks are available to bolster the security of your residence.

By taking these steps, homeowners can ensure their windows are well-protected and secure.

Style and Design

Casement windows come in a variety of styles and designs. Choose a style that complements the architecture of your home and adds to its overall aesthetic. You can choose from different colours, finishes, and hardware options to customize your casement windows.

Modern Casement

The Marvin Signature™ Collection Modern Casement Window lets you easily build and configure, and that’s just the start. As part of the same modular system, it features a minimalist hardware design and an exclusive rotary handle for premium functionality. The Modern Casement window, which is available in a variety of sizes, can be used on its own or as an addition to fixed shutterless or awning windows for design flexibility.

casement_windows_best_window-1- Casement Windows

Ultimate Casement

The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Casement window is available in some of the industry’s largest sizes, featuring a secure multi-point lock, durable hardware that ensures smooth operation, and Marvin’s exclusive wash mode for easy cleaning even on upper levels. The Ultimate Casement Window flexes to fit your vision and comes in a variety of design options, such as the round top shape, which can be sized to complement the most expansive views.

Elevate Casement

The Marvin Elevate™ Casement window offers a simple option for letting in light and increasing airflow, thanks to its clean sightlines and smooth operation. Unlike many other casement windows on the market, which can be difficult to operate due to multiple locking levers, the Elevate Casement window has a concealed multi-point locking system that securely locks with a single lever action at the bottom of the window. A strong fibreglass exterior is combined with a stainable, warm wood interior. Matching round top, picture, and transom windows are also available.


Proper installation is key to the performance and longevity of your casement windows. Make sure to choose a reputable installer who is licensed and insured. The installer should also be familiar with the installation requirements for the specific type of casement windows you choose.


Maintenance is an important factor to consider when purchasing casement windows. Some materials require more maintenance than others, so choose a material that fits your lifestyle and budget. Regular cleaning and inspection can help prolong the life of your windows.

Regular window maintenance can reveal possible problems before costly repairs are required. By removing dirt and debris, inspecting for damage or deterioration, and lubricating components, you will maintain the functionality of your windows and prevent excessive wear. By preventing air leakage and drafts from entering through cracks and crevices, your home will be more energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling expenditures over time and being more pleasant year-round. Consult our Maintenance Checklist for more information.


Casement windows are available at a range of price points, so it’s important to establish a budget before making a purchase. Consider the material, size, and style of the windows when determining the cost. Keep in mind that high-quality windows may be more expensive upfront, but they can save you money in the long run by improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

In conclusion, casement windows are a practical and versatile option for many homes, but there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. When selecting the right windows for your home, consider the type of casement windows, material, energy efficiency, security, style and design, installation, maintenance, and cost. With careful consideration, you can choose casement windows that provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.



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