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Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass Collection Windows - Marvin Canada

August 24, 2022

If you are in the market for a new house or are considering making improvements to your current abode, fibreglass windows may be an ideal option for you. They provide numerous advantages when compared to conventional windows.

The material known as fibreglass is a composite. When two or more materials with distinct qualities are combined, a new substance called a composite is produced that is superior to either of the original components on their own. Within the composite, each of the elements can be distinguished from one another easily and do not disintegrate or combine with one another.

The development of fibreglass for use in airplane construction in the 1930s marked the beginning of the material’s first practical application. Since that time, it has be used for different things such as automobiles, sporting goods and windows.

Fiberglass Windows - Marvin Canada

Fiberglass is a strong material that does not warp and can withstand rotting. Because it does not expand and shrink like wood does, it also is energy efficient. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for locations that experience a lot of heat and humidity. In addition to that, it does not catch fire and it repels insects.

Include Fiberglass Windows in Your Project Plans

Fibreglass is the perfect material for products like windows and doors. When compared to conventional windows made of wood or steel, they have a number of advantages, including the following:

Durability: They are superior to vinyl and vinyl/wood composites for their resistance to impact and rigidity. Because the materials expand and contract at the same rate as glass, they function in concert with glass, rather than in opposition.

Optimal Aesthetics: Fiberglass windows keep their form even in difficult conditions with frequent exposure to varying temperatures, wind, rain, or snow. This contributes to the durability of the material. Even in darker colours, they are not susceptible to chipping, chalking, or fading.

Integrity: Note the non-conductive and non-corrosive nature of these windows. In addition, they are designed to keep their attractive appearance, even many years after they have been installed. They are also simple to clean and maintain.

Design Possibilities: They can be crafted like any style of window you want — from contemporary, to classic, to modern — in practically any colour, shape, size, and design that you wish.

Environmentally Sound: The insulating capabilities of fibreglass windows are superb, making them an environmentally responsible choice. In the winter, they prevent heat from escaping, while in the summer, they prevent warm air from entering.

Designing with Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are a designer’s dream! This is due to the fact that they can be tailored to the exact specifications of any home. You have access to hundreds of different designs, colours, forms, sizes, and shapes.

If you are thinking about having windows made of fibreglass installed in your house, here are some things to keep in mind to help you get started:

Select a style that caters to your specific requirements. When it comes to selecting a design that is suitable for your house, there are almost endless options available. Choose ones that coordinate with your current décor or that enhance your future plans.

Consider the need for privacy before installing any form of window in your home. Do you want the windows to be open so that natural light may enter, or would you rather have them closed the majority of the time?

Choose Marvin Canada for the Best Selection of Fibreglass Windows

Our fibreglass product lines combine superior design, performance, and customer experience to produce architectural solutions that adhere to all building codes, standards and design principles.

Pultruded fiberglass by Marvin Canada is a thermoset material made using a chemical process. Upon completion of the manufacturing process, it is inherently greater than the sum of its parts. When exposed to ambient temperatures, a thermoset fibreglass composite will not soften or melt. Therefore, it is more resistant to pressure and heat than vinyl-based composites.

The increased tensile strength of our high-density fibreglass enables the fabrication of ultra-thin profiles that can sustain the extra-large glass spans that are commonly associated with contemporary architecture. Marvin Canada’s high-density fibreglass products exemplify our ability to produce the right material for the right purpose, as well as the critical role that the materials play in the aesthetics and performance of the windows.



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