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Heritage Windows and Doors

December 14, 2022

Few renovations add both appeal and charm to a home in the way that heritage windows and doors do. The best renovation projects are those that combine the timeless beauty of traditional materials with modern design techniques.

They meet the budget and also reflect the customer’s personal style and taste. Heritage windows and doors form an integral part of a home’s design, adding to its character and value.

Innovative renovation ideas help to create a unique style. Homeowners are drawn towards projects that are characterized by a sense of history and tradition.

The most important consideration when choosing window and door styles is that they suit the architecture of the building. The style should also complement the overall design of the house and its surroundings, where appropriate.

Decisions, Decisions

In general, when deciding upon which particular style of windows and doors is appropriate for a property, many factors are to be taken into consideration.

Windows and doors should be chosen according to the following criteria:

1) Energy Efficiency – The type of windows or doors selected will have an effect on the energy bills. Windows with low-emissivity (low E) coatings can reduce heat loss by up to 30% compared to standard glass. This means lower heating costs for the life of the products.

2) Privacy – If privacy is important, consider choosing double glazed units where available. Double glazing reduces noise levels inside the home and may help to keep out unwanted visitors.

3) Security – Choose security options such as locks and deadbolts to add safety to functionality.

4) Functionality – Selecting the correct sizes of windows and doors is essential. Where appropriate, make sure that they’re big enough to provide adequate air circulation while still allowing for sufficient light penetration.

5) Durability – Choose materials that are durable and long lasting. Look for products that are manufactured using high-quality materials and processes.

6) Maintenance – A well-maintained unit will last longer and require less upkeep in the long run.

7) Style – When choosing a style of windows and doors, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Are modern, traditional, or contemporary styles preferred, or perhaps something in between?

8) Colour – Think about the colour scheme of the home and the neighbourhood. Will neutral, bright, or dark colours be used, or is a combination being considered?

9) Size – How large are the windows and doors to be? Is a custom-built solution an option?

10) Accessibility – If there are mobility issues at play, make sure that the windows and doors are easy to access.

11) Noise reduction – If the home is located near busy roads, choosing windows and doors that will help reduce noise pollution is an added benefit.

12) Ventilation – Choose windows and doors that provide good air flow through the house, if this is an issue.

13) Weather protection – Choose windows and doors with good weather protection properties that will extend the life of the installations.

Choose Marvin Canada for Heritage Solutions

Marvin Canada creates authentic, architecturally-integrated heritage windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings. We understand the importance of maintaining traditional windows and doors and the complexity and uniqueness of historic locations. We offer unique and traditional designs for heritage windows and doors.

Services and Support

We provide unmatched expertise at every stage of the process, from planning through execution.

  • Architectural Project Managers (APMs) nurture relationships with historic field professionals to complement their understanding of historic structures.
  • Architectural Project Coordinators (APCs) provide support services ranging from consulting through to prototype creation, regardless of complexity.
  • Signature Services works with the architectural project coordinators to create customized project plans from concept to completion.
  • In-house Rapid Prototyping Services help to create documentation and materials to foster historic committee approval.

Your Partner for Heritage Restorations

Marvin Canada has earned a reputation for successful window replacement over the span of four generations. Early on, we work with architects, project managers, and general contractors to evaluate items, understand municipal requirements, and conduct field testing. We provide the best project-based solutions and ensure historical accuracy.



Marvin experts are experienced in working with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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