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Signature Ultimate Collection

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September 28, 2022

Windows and doors add to and often will define the character of a beautifully designed home. They can be as simple or elaborate as you desire, but they are always an important part of any home’s design.

Custom made to fit an existing structure, they can enhance or complement the design. Replacing windows and doors with new ones can be seen as an opportunity to provide installations that are right for the space.

Fashion and Function

Considerations of both functionality and design are imperative when making such selections. Whether you are looking for new windows and doors or replacements, Marvin Canada can help.

We offer many different styles and sizes of windows and doors that will fit the desired style. Our experienced team is available to answer questions about our products and services.

Durability and Quality

Our company provides only products and services of the highest quality, made from the best materials. Our doors and windows are known in the industry for providing aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency and safety.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality products and services that exceed their expectations. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who can assist in any aspect of your project.

A Reputation for Excellence

We provide a 10-year warranty on the entire product and a 20-year warranty on the glass against seal failure. Our aluminum clad products feature a 20-year warranty against fade, pitting and chalking.  Marvin Canada is committed to providing you with windows, doors, and customizable solutions of the utmost quality.

One way we demonstrate this dedication is through our warranty. The limited warranty is fully transferable and extends to the owner of the structure in which the products are originally installed, which can increase the value of your home.

We are devoted to delivering a safe product for your property and the environment. We have created a vast knowledge base of industry standards and practices. Our teams have worked on projects around North America for years.

Inspiration: The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate product line is inspired by industry professionals who refuse to compromise on their ideas. It includes exquisite design, artisan-quality construction, and a vast array of forms, styles, sizes, and options.

You can integrate Ultimate windows and doors within a range of designs, including classic, contemporary, transitional, historic, artisan, and everything in between, because of their adaptability across architectural styles and extensive customization choices.

Unmatched Expertise at Every Project Stage

Marvin Canada will provide support throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation. Signature Services collaborates with our architectural project coordinators to develop individualized project plans from inception to completion.

Marvin Canada is a major manufacturer of high-quality residential and commercial windows, doors and accessories. Since 1912, we’ve provided a broad selection of products tailored to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has made us one of the most trusted window and door manufacturers in North America.



Marvin experts are experienced in working with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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