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Wood Clad Windows

October 20, 2022

Wood clad windows combine the classic warmth and attractiveness of wood windows with greater outside surface protection. You can paint or stain the interior wood surfaces to fit your décor.

A wood clad window has a wooden frame, but its outer surfaces are normally covered with vinyl or aluminium. Clad windows are more energy efficient than typical all-wood windows because they prevent air infiltration.

Marvin Canada’s wood clad products are clad with an extruded aluminium shell that is coated in commercial-grade high-performance polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) fluoropolymer paint. A choice of eight exterior colours assures that the exterior will never need repainting.

Wood Clad Windows Are a Very Popular Choice

Wood clad windows are gaining appeal among homeowners all over North America. In fact, the use of wood clad windows has climbed steadily over the past decade.

Moreover, wood clad windows offer numerous advantages over conventional siding materials, such as durability, energy efficiency, enhanced thermal performance, and lower maintenance costs. And because clad windows are not susceptible to rot, termites, or rust, they are considerably simpler to clean and maintain than all-wood windows.

Wood Clad Windows Offer the Best of All Worlds

Wood clad windows are often the windows of choice among homeowners seeking cost-effective, high-quality products. They come in a number of styles and colours, making it easy to complement both the exterior and interior décor of the home.

One of the primary reasons why more and more people are opting for wood clad windows is that the exterior cladding offers the durability of an aluminium window, while the interior provides the appearance of real wood.

As the energy efficiency of the home is a crucial consideration when selecting window materials, your windows must be able to withstand all types of seasonal variation, and wood clad windows do this beautifully.

The Benefits of Wood Clad Windows

Durability: Wood clad windows are extremely durable. The exterior cladding prevents moisture from entering the frame, ensuring that the wood will not rot over time. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your windows every few years.

Energy Efficiency: Wood clad windows are highly energy efficient. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures and still maintain a high level of insulation. In fact, wood clad windows are often more energy efficient than traditional insulated glass units and can easily handle temperature changes without compromising their strength or integrity.

Low Maintenance: Wood clad windows require very little maintenance. You won’t need to spend hours cleaning dirt off the window frames each year. Instead, all you need to do is wipe down the outside of the window with a damp cloth once in a while.

Versatility: Wood clad windows come in many different styles and designs. You can choose between single hung, double hung, casement, sliding, etc. according to your needs.

Easy Installation: Wood clad windows are easy to install. All you need to do is remove the old window and replace it with a new one. It’s as simple as that!

Customizable: Wood clad windows are customizable. You can customize them to fit any style and design you want. Whether you prefer a modern look or something more rustic, there is a wood clad window for you.

Efficient Heat Insulation: Wood clad windows are great heat insulators. They help prevent heat loss during cold weather months.

Beautiful Appearance: Wood clad windows are beautiful inside and out. They are available in colours to enhance every home.

The Choice is Clear

Consider the Marvin Elevate® collection, an ideal blend of remarkable design and superior strength that brings balance to style and performance needs. Proprietary fibreglass exteriors stand up to all the elements, outperforming and outlasting vinyl, roll-form aluminium, and other composites.

A window specialist, like your Marvin Canada dealer partner, can assist you in selecting which products will serve you best. Marvin Canada offers the largest assortment of wood clad windows that exceeds the exacting standards of homeowners everywhere.



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