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Marvin Skycove, available in select markets, is a glass structure that projects into the open air. It creates a smart extension of usable space, opens a room to panoramic views, and ushers in restorative light from four directions. Skycove creates an intimate nook to escape, relax, and rejuvenate, yet its seat is large enough for several people to gather, engage, and share.

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  • Adds up to 20 square feet of usable space
  • Available in four sizes: 101” x 86”, 101” x 70”, 78” x 86”, and 78” xt 70”
  • 4° slope on top glass and flush glazing sheds debris and prevents pooling
  • Narrow 2 7/8” sightlines provide expansive, unobstructed views
  • Insulated seat cavity provides improved thermal performance for comfort in all temperatures
  • Steel structure allows the strength to accommodate multiple people
  • Certified and warrantied, unlike custom-built options


Imagine a home that’s flooded with natural light, a home that offers a wealth of immersive and calming views and helps your body receive the right light at the right time. Imagine a home that prioritizes the kind of spaces where you can rest, recharge, or gather with loved ones, a home that encourages you to breathe easy. Explore the possibilities of what a home can be when its design is inspired with your well-being in mind.

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Skycove is a projected glass structure that creates a smart extension of up to 20 square feet of valuable space without extending a home’s footprint. Whether located in a bustling living area, or placed in intimate rooms like bedrooms and dens, Skycove can be your favorite retreat.

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Unlike site-built units, Skycove is fully constructed in the factory where critical tolerances can be controlled, which is why Marvin stands behind Skycove with a 10-year product warranty. Skycove is built on a foundation of 100 years of experience and expertise. Its forward-reaching design was inspired by the way people want to live.

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A high-quality product deserves a dependable finish. Our low-maintenance fiberglass and extruded aluminum surfaces are finished in commercial-grade paint for superior resistance to fading and chalking. The available colors match Marvin windows and doors for a seamless pairing across all product lines.

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Selected: Ebony

The Skycove’s durable extruded aluminum lined interior is finished with high-performance, low-maintenance paint coatings. Ebony and Stone White coordinate with other Marvin window and door collections, providing design flexibility and visual continuity throughout the home.

Skycove Exterior swatch


Selected: Ebony

Wood seat boards are available in Pine, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, and White Oak, and can be finished to match any decor.

Marvin elevate Clear Finish


Selected: Ebony

Stained Wood Options

Compared to painting or staining on the jobsite, factory stained finishes offer consistent quality and performance resulting from our expertise with wood as a material and years of perfecting our staining process.



Selected: Ebony

Painted Wood

You can count on the consistency of our painting process, as each piece of wood is primed and sanded before being painted. The paint is baked twice in a four to achieve an even, durable, high quality finish. Choose primed white, white paint or designer black.


Designer Black

Selected: Ebony

Skycove - Marvin Canada

Skycove is double glazed. For your protection, the outer (outside) portion of the top glass is tempered, increasing its strength and ability to withstand impact. The inner (inner) layer of the top glass is also laminated, which means the glass will hold together in the event of a strong impact. The glasses on the remaining three sides are all tempered. Triple pane glazing is also available on the smaller version of Skycove.


For forward-thinking architects, interior designers, homeowners, and builders, Marvin Awaken and Marvin Skycove create a space for air, light, view, and comfort.

It's a fabulous concept! Light is the differentiator!

- Homeowner

Skylights are an afterthought. Awaken is an architectural gesture.

- Architect

If lights are integrated into the frame, it takes away the need for a custom solution.

- Architect

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Find technical documents for this product, including installation instructions, sizes and elevations, 3D drawings, architectural detail manuals and more.



Marvin experts are experienced in working with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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