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Windows not only let light into buildings, but they also allow for ventilation. Aside from these basic purposes, new commercial buildings incorporate sustainable design, calling for a range of different windows. For commercial building developers, contractors, or designers, choosing the right type of window for your building is a major decision.

It is critical to ensure that the window you select is functional and complements the ornamental style and architectural architecture of the building. Identifying the many types of windows accessible to you is the first step in selecting the best windows for your commercial building project.

Residential and commercial windows are both built to be appropriate for their respective locations. Commercial windows must not only be manufactured of slightly different materials, but they must also meet distinct structural criteria.

The North American Fenestration Standard mandates that all windows fulfill specific standards. This comprises heavy-duty construction and reinforced glazing on the panes of commercial windows to handle higher wind pressure and overall structural loads.


Additional Solutions

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Engineered specifically for high-traffic, they go through a different manufacturing and assembly process than our residential doors.

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Adept at maintaining accuracy and architectural integrity, the professionals at Marvin craft customized historic windows and doors for residential and large-scale commercial buildings.

New Construction

With fresh new homes or a new addition to an existing home comes new construction windows.

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If you’re freshening up your living space with a home renovation project, such as updating your kitchen or painting your home’s interior or exterior, this could be the perfect time to consider how your windows and doors fit into the overall plan.


Whether you want to refresh your home with a new look, replace damaged or outdated doors and windows or save money by making your home more energy-efficient, Marvin is there for you every step of the way.